EMPTY SPACE® is a visual experience and design company that is communicating present and futuristic ideas through storytelling apparel and objects, with a focus on questioning the existing, while exploring the unknown. Developed in Berlin, Powered by dreams – For the minds that live beyond.


Each EMPTY SPACE® item portraits a unique narrative, while synchronizing with the entire brand's message; allowing us to touch and create on and around subjects with no boundaries. While every item lines up with us, as a brand, as a species, we aspire to create items that spark the feeling of a tangible future.


We utilize demand based production, which aims to only produce what is needed, and allows us to cut overproduction and wasted materials. In addition to that, we design prototypes digitally, which also enables us to skip several rounds of physical prototypes.


Hideo Kojima, Elon Musk; forward thinking human beings, that enable our species to see beyond the known.