EMPTY SPACE is a visual experience and design company that is communicating present and futuristic ideas through storytelling apparel and objects with a focus on questioning the existing and exploring the unknown. 


Visual experience?
We want to create a lasting visual experience with every created product and visual, by giving the viewer or consumer a view on a subject, a metaphorical view or a story being told. Through digital visuals, references and our berlin-based event series EMPTY EXPERIENCE™, we aspire to transport the virtual experience into a physical event.


Pre-order production?
We understand that it can be frustrating to come across sold out products in our webshop, which is why we wanted to explain our demand-based production model and the reason behind it. Producing on-demand allows us to avoid overproduction and only produce what is really wanted, while still being able to deliver quality products to everyone that orders in the given time frame. By using this demand-based model, we can guarantee the highest production levels and a conscious & organic production cycle.

We are confident, that waiting the extra time for your goods is worth it.

Will you always focus on producing apparel or will you be expanding?
Apparel has been the first medium we've used as a way to tell our story. However, EMPTY SPACE is an ever-evolving entity – we will eventually portrait ourselves through multi-disciplinary artistic fields.